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Book List (published 2020-2021)

This area of the Cyberhood includes books that may be of interest to scholars, students, and practitioners working in communities of color and poor central city neighborhoods. New books published in the current calendar year and forthcoming books are featured on this link. 


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Featured Books


Bluestone, B., Stevenson, M.H., Williams, R.E. (2022). The Urban Experience: An Interdisciplinary Policy Perspective 2nd Edition. New York: Oxford University Press.


Cordes, V.F. (2020). New York in Cinematic Imagination: The Agitated City. London and New York: Routledge. 
Damore, D.F., Lang, R.E. and Danielsen, K.A. (2020). Blue Metros, Red States: The Shifting Urban-Rural Divide in America's Swing States Washington, DC: Brookings Institution. 
Davies, J. (2021) Between Realism and Revolt Governing Cities in the Crisis of Neoliberal Globalism. Bristol: Bristol University Press.
Epstein, K.K. and Stringer, B. (2020) Changing Academia Forever Black Student Leaders Analyze the Movement They Led. Sterling, VA: Meyers Education Press.
Johnson, M.P., Hollander, J., Kinsey, E.W. and G. Chichirau (with contributions by Charla Burnett).  2021. Supporting Shrinkage: Planning and Decision-Making for Legacy Cities. Albany: SUNY Press.

Immergluck, D. (2022). Red Hot City Housing, Race, and Exclusion in Twenty-First-Century Atlanta Berkeley: University of California Press. 

Krause, J. and DeSena, J.M. (2020). Gentrification around the World, Volume I. New York: Palgrave.
Maginn, P and Anacker, K.B. (2022). Suburbia in the 21st Century From Dreamscape to Nightmare? New York: Routledge.
Nightingale, C.H. (2022).  Earthopolis A Biography of Our Urban Planet Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Orozco, M., Morales, A., Pisani, M.J. and Porras, J.I. (2020). ADVANCING U.S. LATINO ENTREPRENEURSHIP A New National Economic Imperative, West Lafayette: Purdue University Press.
Pasotti, E. (2020). Resisting Redevelopment Protest in Aspiring Global Cities, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Phillips, R., Treven, E. and Kraeger, P. (2020). Research Handbook on Community Development. New York: Edwaed Elger.
Pill, M. 2021. Governing Cities: Politics and Policy. New York: Palgrave MacMillian.
Reynolds, D.B. and Simmons, L. (2021). Igniting Justice and Progressive Power: The Partnership for Working Families Cities New York: Routledge 
Silverman, R.M. and Patterson, K.L. 2022. Qualitative Research Methods for Community Development, 2nd Edition New York: Routledge.
Wills, J. and Lake, R.W. eds, (2020). The power of pragmatism Knowledge production and social inquiry. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
Zukin, S. (2020). The Innovation Complex: Cities, Tech, and the New Economy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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