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Speaker Bureau

This area of the Cyberhood contains names and contact information for members of the Cyberhood Speakers Bureau. It lists scholars and practitioners working in communities of color and poor central city neighborhoods. Members of the Speakers Bureau are available to visit universities, community-based organizations, and other venues to share their knowedge and experiences.


Would you like to join the Cyberhood Speakers Bureau? Send your name, areas of interest and contact information to us by using our feedback page.  




Contact Information          

Professional Experience           

Areas of Expertise                   

 Katrin Anacker

[email protected]



Assistant Professor, Public Policy, George Mason University (Arlington, VA)


Housing, Diversity and Inequality in the Suburbs

Sustainable Suburbs

Mature Suburbs


 Nevin Cohen

[email protected]


Associate Professor

CUNY School of Public Health

Urban food policy, food and urban health, urban agriculture

Carla Earhart

[email protected]



Professor of Residential Property Management,

Department of Applied Business Students,

Ball State University


Housing, Multifamily housing, Apartment industry, Renting, Housing norms/preferences and how they are shaped, Rental apartment stigma


 Robert Helfenbein

[email protected]



Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies 

Indiana Unversity-IUPUI School of Education 

 Urban Education

Critical Geography

Education Reform

Globalization & the City

  Daniel Lauber  

[email protected] 





Attorney/Planning Consultant.

Planning/Communications and the Law Office

of Daniel Lauber


Preserving and creating affordable housing; Housing discrimination; Racial integration -- causes of segregated housing, techniques that work to achieve stable racially-integrated communities; Affirmatively furthering fair housing; Zoning for community residences for people with disabilities under the Fair Housing Act; Analyses of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice; Exclusionary and inclusionary zoning; and Incorporating social impact analysis into planning practices.    


Rodolfo D. Torres


[email protected]




Professor, Urban and Regional Planning, Political Science, and Urban Studies

University of California - Irvine


US Ethnic Politics

Democratic Practice

Cultural Political Economy

Race and Class Relations

Historic Materialism

The Spatial Turn in Planning

Urban Inequality

Chicano/Latino Movements

Critical Urbanism

Thomas J. Vicino

[email protected]



Assistant Professor, Political Science, Northeastern University (Boston, MA)


Housing, Diversity and Inequality in the Suburbs

Sustainable Suburbs

Mature Suburbs


George J. Whelan

[email protected]

City of Philadelphia Finance Department , Commerce Department, and Department of Public Health (retired)


Adjunct Instructor, Temple University and Philadelphia University

Capital Budgeting


Local Economic Development

Debt Finance

Health and Human Services



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