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Urban-Community Projects

This area of the Cyberhood contains urban-community projects that may be of interest to scholars, students, and practitioners working in communities of color and poor central city neighborhoods.


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Urban-Community Project of the Month


Past Urban Community Projects

1965 Moynihan Report: The Negro Family Revisited


2009 Israeli Arab / Palestinian Public Opinion Survey


The 2010 State of Evaluation Report


2015 ACSM American Fitness Index


2017 Police Violence Report

2020 HMDA Preliminary Analysis


2020 Picture of Preservation Report


2021 Report on Inquiry into Redlining in Buffalo, New York


Achieving the Anchor Promise  


Adequate & Equitable U.S. PK-12 Infrastructure PRIORITY ACTIONS FOR SYSTEMIC REFORM


All About Accessibility Remodeling and Retrofits


America 2022 in charts: An economic opportunity snapshot


Architecture of Segregation: Civil Unrest, the Concentration of Poverty, and Public Policy

A Choice With No Options: Atlanta Public Housing Residents' Lived Experiences in the Face of Relocation


The Anti-Poverty Impacts of Expanding Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers - Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University


The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project


Brennan Center for Justice: State Policing Reforms Since George Floyd's Murder




City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Housing Authority - Assessment of Fair Housing


City Rights in an Era of Preemption: A State-by-State Analysis



A City is not a Toy: How SimCity Plays with Urbanism


PRRAC: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing at HUD, A First Term Report Card


America's Electoral Future How Changing Demographics Could Impact Presidential Elections from 2016 to 2032


A Study of St.Henri: Experiences of D isplacement in a Neighbourhood Undergoing Gentrification and Mega-Project Development


The Anchor Dashboard: Aligning Institutional Practice to Meet Low-Income Community Needs


The Asset-Based Community Development Institute - Training Videos and Podcasts


Atlas of ReUrbanism


Big city growth stalls further, as the suburbs make a comeback 


Building Movement Project


Building Opportunity: Mapping Gentrification and Investment across Opportunity Zones


campaign zero


The Century Foundation: Here Is What School Integration in America Looks Like Today


Community Control of Land and Housing Report

Coping with the Great Recession: Disparate Impacts on Economic Well-Being in Poor Neighborhoods


Creating Community Controlled, Deeply Affordable Housing: A Resource Toolkit for Community Activists & Allied Community-Based Housing Developers.


Culture in Crisis: impacts of Covid-19 on the UK cultural sector and where we go from here


The DC Area Survey


The Educational Opportunity Project


The End of the Segregated Century


Even before coronavirus, census shows U.S. cities' growth was stagnating


Free Access to the edited book "Diversity and Disparities"  


Gentrification and cultural displacement most intense in America's largest cities, and absent from many others


GENTRIFICATION AND DISINVESTMENT 2020. COVID-19 struck a nation that was already mostly struggling. Do Opportunity Zones benefit or gentrify low-income neighborhoods?


The Global Reach of Land Trust Organizations  


A Growing Tradition, Examining the African American Family Foundation


A New Goal for America's High Schools: College Preparation for All


An Introduction to the Cuban Revolution and Its Current Challenges


Anchor Institutions and Urban Economic Development: From Community Benefit to Shared Value


At What Cost?: HIV and Human Rights Consequences of the Global War on Drugs


Ayse Pamuk International Affordable Housing Image Collection 


Community Benefit Agreements: the power, practice and promise of a responsible redevelopment tool (Annie E Casey Foundation)


Community Report on Environmental Justice: Front and Centered


Competitive cities for jobs and growth : what, who, and how 


Democracy in Color: The Trump Administration's Record of Racism


Denver Gentrification Study: Mitigating Involuntary Displacement

Designing Dredge Studio: Toledo


A Dream Denied: The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities


Did States Maximize Their Opportunity Zone Selections?

Learning from Opportunity Zones: How to improve place-based policies


East Avenue Project: Racial Segregation and the City of Austin  


Eminent Domain: Implications for Community Redevelopment Efforts (Annie E Casey Foundation)


Engaging the Future of Housing in the Buffalo-Niagara Region: A Preliminary Exploration of Challenges that Lie Ahead


A Study of Closing Costs for FHA Mortgages


Alcohol Outlets as Attractors of Violence and Disorder: A Closer Look at the Neighborhood Environment  


Biggest Bang for the Buck: Researchers Weigh Stimulus Proposals


BMHA Perry Choice Neighborhood


Buffalo Shrinking City Studio


Building a Healthy Community: A Roadmap to Investment in the Central City South Neighborhood


Capital Availability in Inner Cities: What Role for Federal Policy? 


Charlotte Housing Authority's Moving Forward Program


Civic Engagement; Public Service, Personal Responsibility (Magazine of the School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University-Newark)


Confronting Concentrated Poverty in Fresno


Cops, Kids and Culture


Discrimination Against Families With Children In Rental Housing Markets: Findings Of The Pilot Study  


Diversity Awarnesses Quizzes - downloadable  


Do Federally Assisted Households have Access to High Performing Public Schools?


Dr. Kings Dream Denied: Fourty Years of Failed Federal Enforcement (2008 Fair Housing Trends Report)


Empowering Local Communities: Through Leadership Development and Capacity Building  


The End of Segregation? Hardly 


E Pluribus...Separation: Deepening Double Segregation for More Students


Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge into Housing and Community Development Policy (March 2014)  


Failed Promises: Assessing Charter Schools in the Twin Cities


Federal Policy Ideas for Community Revitalization 


Florence-Firestone Stories of Everyday Heroes


The Foreclosure Generation: The Long-Term Impact of the Housing Crisis on Latino Children and Families


Forging a New Housing Policy: Opportunities in the Wake of Crisis


GAO Report: LOW-INCOME HOUSING TAX CREDIT Some Agency Practices Raise Concerns and IRS Could Improve Noncompliance Reporting and Data Collection


Getting things done together: A workbook for achieving goals regionally


Healthy Eating and Physical Activity: Addressing Inequalities in Urban Environments 


THE HARDER WE RUN: The State of Black Buffalo in 1990 and the Present  

High-Speed Internet Connectivity in North Carolina's Distressed Urban Areas


Hopeworks 'N Camden


Housing in America: The baby boomers turn 65


Housing America's Older Adults 2018


Housing for People with Disabilities


Housing Options for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities   


How Public is Private Philanthropy?


Immigration Policy and Less-Skilled Workers in the United States


In the Face of Gentrification: Case Studies of Local Efforts to Mitigate Displacement 



The Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017  


Interactive Tracking deregulation in the Trump era


Investing in Community Land Trusts: A Coversation with Funders of CLTs


Is the Grass Always Greener?: Destination Characteristics of Former Public Housing Residents Views Six Months After Relocation


Journal of Community Power Building, Volume IV


The Kenosha Social Capital Study

(Contact Jo Anne Schneider for more information at www.chrysaliscollaborations.com)


The Labor Market Performance of Young Black Men in the Great Recession


Laying the groundwork for change: Demolition, urban strategy, and policy reform




Land Values and the Enduring Significance of Racial Residential Segregation - by Henry Louis Taylor, Jr.


Leaving Households Behind: Institutional Investors and the U.S. Housing Recovery




Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts, and Issues


Low-Income Families and Communities (Brookings Institution)


Making a Business Case for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care: Key Issues and Observations


The Making of Ferguson  


Map: Where Critical Race Theory Is Under Attack


Managing Neighborhood Change: A Framework for Sustainable and Equitable Revitalization


Maximizing the Neighborhood Stabilization Program Opportunity


Mayors' Resource Guide on Vacant and Abandoned Properties


Measuring Urban Attitudes Using Twitter: An Exploratory Study


Miami Affordability Project (MAP)


Modern-Day Redlining Mapping Tool


Move Out to Where: Initial Relocation Destinations of Former Public Housing Residents in Atlanta a Preliminary Brief


National Neighborhood Indicators Project 


National Urban Indicators Partnership  


Negro Removal in Chattanooga: The Impact of Market-Based Displacement on Communities of Color  


New Orleans 2016 Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH)


The Nonprofit Sector in Brief: Public Charities, Giving and Volunteering


Tracking the COVID-19 Recession's Effects on Food, Housing, and Employment Hardships


[CROSS-SITE PUBLICATIONS (forthcoming in April 2019)]


North Carolina's Distressed Urban Tracts: A View of the State's Economically Disadvantaged Communities


Out of Reach: Twenty-five years later, the affordable housing crisis continues  


Parent Power and Urban School Reform


Partnerships for Joint Use: Expanding the Use of Public School Infrastructure to Benefit Students and Communities


Partnership for Sustainable Communities - General Resources  


Perspectives from Main Street: The Impact of COVID-19 on Communities and the Entities Serving Them


PFBC Technical Assistance for the Gary, Indiana (APA Planning and the Black Community Division)


The Potential for Youth Sports to Improve Childhood Outcomes


Public Administration and the Impact Economy


Public School Choice in the District of Columbia A Descriptive Analysis


Putting Open Data to Work for Communities  


Questions and Answers About Social Capital (2 page brief) 

Race, Equity and Smart Growth: Why People of Color Must Speak for Themselves


Race Relations 2006: A Research Study




Racial Wealth Divde (RWD) Program 


The Reciprocal Relationship Between Housing and School Integration


Refugees from Central American gangs


Regulatory Report, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (NYU Institute for Policy Integrity)


Restoring the Health of Your Organization: A Practical Guide to Curing and Preventing Curruption in Local Governments and Communities


The Rivertown Simulation  


The Role of Investors in The One-To-Three Family REO Market: The Case of Cleveland


The Segregation Index - USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation


 Shifting Neighborhoods, Gentrification and cultural displacement in American cities


Shelter Force Fall 2007 Issue on Houing Policy

Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMRs): An Analysis of First Year Implementation in Mandatory Metropolitan Areas and Barriers to Voluntary Implementation in Other Areas (PRRAC & Buffalo Center for Social Research at the University at Buffalo, September 2019)


Social Capital and Place: A Primer 

Social housing in New York Or: How NYCHA managed not to demolish the projectS


Special Issue on Active Transportation (SUSTAIN)


Social Capital and Social Geography


Structural Racism (Urban Institute Report)


Teaching how cities change visually, Jerome Krase


The Solution Is Social Housing

State of Black America 2013


The State of the Nation's Housing 2018  


State of New York City's Subsidized Housing


State of the Cities 2020


State of the States: The Poverty and Inequality Report


 The Story of One Block in Bed-Stuy


Strategic Property Code Enforcement and Impacts on Surrounding Markets


Study: Highway Pollution Contributes to Higher COVID-19 Death Rates


Team-Building and Participation: Guide to Tips on Principles and Practices


The Crisis Continues: Black Male Joblessness in Milwaukee 2007   


The Dirksen Center Projects 


The Economic Costs of Poverty in the United States: Subsequent Effects of Children Growing Up Poor  


The Mechanics of City-School Initiatives: Transforming Neighborhoods of Distress & Despair into Neighborhoods of Choice and Promise


The Nonprofit Sector and the Federal Budget: Fiscal Year 2006 and Beyond 


The Quest for Inner-City Transformation


The State of Public Schools in Post-Katrina New Orleans


Threat and Humiliation: Racial Profiling, National Security, and Human Rights in the United States


The Uncharted, Uncertian Future of HOPEIV Redevelopments


Toward a More Perfect Union: Understanding Systemic Racism and Resulting Inequity in Latino Communities


Understanding the Implications of Raising the Minimum Wage in the District of Columbia  


UN-Habitat Global Indicators Database


The Urban Institute's Program on Neighborhoods and Youth Development: Understanding How Place Matters for Kids


The 2020 Democratic Candidates' Positions on Fair and Affordable Housing

Understanding Nashville's Housing Crisis


Using Social Capital to Get Jobs for People with Disabilities


Tools to Engage: Resources for Nonprofits


Unions, Community-Based Organizations, and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs 


 Unlocking Discrimination


Urban Landlords and the Housing Choice Voucher Program  


Urban Research-Based Action Network Newsletter


Urban Transition Historical GIS Project


US 2010: Discover America In the New Century (Census and other reports on segregation, race, and housing)


Vibrant Communities Canada 2002-2010 Evaluation Report


Voter Suppression in 2020 (Brennan Center for Justice Report)


"We Are Not Just A Band-Aid": How Homeless Service Providers in Chicago Carry Out Policy Advocacy


The Washington Post : A year of reckoning, Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000


Weathering the Storm; Have IDAs Helped Low-Income Homebuyers Avoid Foreclosure? 


What's Really Wrong with Ferguson?  


When a Neighborhood Becomes a Revolving Door for Dominicans: Rising Housing Costs in Washington Heights/Inwood and the Declining Presence of Dominicans


When will your city feel the fiscal impact of COVID-19?
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