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Who We Are

The Cyberhood is sponsored by the Urban Affairs Association (UAA) and the Center for Urban Studies at the University at Buffalo. The Urban Affairs Association is the international professional organization for urban scholars, researchers, and public service providers. Founded in 1969 by a group of North American university urban program directors, the Urban Affairs Association today has institutional, individual, and student members in colleges and universities, in the private and nonprofit sectors, and at all levels of government. The UAA encourages the dissemination of information and research findings about urbanism and urbanization and provides leadership in fostering urban affairs as a professional and scholarly discipline. The UAA attracts several hundred members to its annual conference and publishes the Journal of Urban Affairs, a peer reviewed journal focusing on urban research and policy analysis of interest to scholars and practitioners. As well as hosting regional colloquia and publishing a newsletter, the UAA acts as a clearinghouse for urban affairs programs and advises them on their organization and program development.


The Concept

The Cyberhood is based on the belief that many students, scholars, practitioners and activists of color are isolated from one another and from progressive whites, who are also concerned about the plight of communities of color, conditions in the inner city, and the problems of low-wage workers. The goal is to make the Cyberhood a place where students, scholars, practitioners, and activists from across the racial and class divide can learn from one another and build meaningful relationships. It is our belief that the building of such connections will strengthen the struggle to understand and transform inner cities and the metropolitan regions of which they are embedded.


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